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When God made man he went all out

As far as we can tell

He made some black, He made some white

And other shades as well

He placed them on the verdant Earth

To live and love and thrive

He favored none, He loved each one

And kept that love alive

Now the Lord’s perplexed and growing vexed

At those who’d mar his plan

Instead of love some practice hate

A practice we must ban

We all must share this tiny sphere

On which we live and die

Respect for all, in every way,

Should be our battle cry

It’s not too late to initiate

Friendship between the races

So let’s heed the call of the Lord of All

With the love that He embraces

Stan Lee

ZipHub/Stan Lee Partnership

ZipHub Gives Back to Hands of Respect

Part of the proceeds from The Stan Lee ZipHub Store goes to The Hands of Respect Foundation. 

ZipHub is a cause-based digital guide, bridging consumers to businesses through localized and national deals with a donation commitment back to the communities we serve.

Stan Lee has partnered with ZipHub to be the brand ambassador and celebrity face of our platform. ZipHub will be the HUB host to Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect campaign, an initiative started by Stan Lee to inspire respect for all. Stan Lee's Hands of Respect wants to bring back a human fundamental - respecting one another. ZipHub was given the unique opportunity to sell Stan Lee signed products on an exclusive Stan Lee e-commerce store on the ZipHub platform.

ZipHub has created an exclusive Hub for Stan Lee exclusive merchandise and video’s, that can only find on Stan’s Hub, powered by ZipHub. Every item purchased, follows the ZipHub donation commitment back to the communities we serve. 10% of the revenue generated from the Stan Lee Merchandise store, goes back to the community.

Respect for All Mankind

Despite extraordinary differences, America is a country formed from the strength of diversity in our people and ideas. Join Stan Lee and ZipHub in spreading respect to mend our deepest divisions.

Respect for A Better Future

Respect can be shared by everyone. Spread Stan and ZipHub's message by treating strangers, friends, law enforcement and family with respect. Out of many, we are one.