Stan Lee Signed Stan Lee's Hands of Respect Tribute Poster

Stan Lee Signed Stan Lee's Hands of Respect Tribute Poster

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Signed by Stan Lee, Stan Lee's Hands of Respect Tribute Poster. Pre-Order

Hands of Respect is an initiative started by Stan Lee to inspire respect for all. Stan Lee's Hands of Respect wants to bring back a human fundamental - respecting one another. The poster shows Stan Lee with a quote from the Marvel man himself. Even better - its signed by Stan Lee himself.

100% Authentic with COA & Guaranteed by ZipHub.

Each Poster is Pre-Ordered and Signed.

Stan Lee signature spots and will vary.

Allow 2-3 Weeks for delivery. These Items are custom signed by Stan Lee based on orders.

 This STAN LEE SIGNED HANDS OF RESPECT TRIBUTE POSTER has been certified authentic. This is a stock item. We conducted an autograph signing with Stan Lee and we have several of these available. The one you will receive will be of equal quality to the one pictured. This item is new and your satisfaction is guaranteed. All Sales are Final, Each Order is Pre-Ordered Based on Customer Orders.

These are limited edition posters and inventory depends on availability.